Episode 107 | Ending patient loneliness with Mallory from Solos Nursing

Episode 107: Mallory with Solos Nursing

Solos is a concierge nursing team whose mission is to end patient loneliness. Their amazing She-E-O (CEO) Mallory Weiss feels everyone deserves a support system for optimal health and healing during their recovery process, and believes no one should feel alone or afraid on their medical journey. 

After working several years in the ICU as a nurse, Mallory felt inspired to start Solos after realizing that there was a HUGE area of opportunity regarding patient care (or lack thereof in her ICU experiences), and wanted to be a better advocate for her patients. After finding herself leaving work often still worried about her patients, she realized she wanted (and soulfully needed!) to offer more intimate and personalized attention to her patients… and so Solos Nursing was born.  

What is Solos Nursing and the inspiration behind the brand? Solos Nursing services are available to patients who have just undergone any type of surgical procedure that may need additional assistance during the critical healing phase that is associated with many forms of surgery, including but not limited to: cosmetic plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, eye surgery, and really any out-patient surgery or procedure where having a nurse close by would be ideal.

Who is on the Solos Team and where can I find them? Solos’ services can currently be found within Phoenix, Arizona and San Francisco, California. There, Mallory has a handful of skilled nurses whose mission is to provide you the support needed following any type of surgical procedure. Whether it be to help change out your gauze, get you to the bathroom, ensure you are fed, or clean up your home; pretty much anything that will positively impact your healing process, Solos is there to assist you in your medical journey and healing process.

Mallory’s Post Surgery Tips?

“Take it seriously” says Mallory…“Make sure you have help afterwards! I cannot stress that enough!”  

With your prep and post care – you are investing a lot of money, so take it seriously, even if it is an elective surgery. And as Mallory said, she may be biased, but she highly suggests having a nurse check in on you as she feels it will not only put you at ease, but your family as well! 

Mallory’s Current Inspirational Source:  Evan Carmichael – a passionate entrepreneur who is obsessed with entrepreneurs himself. As a global speaker and YouTube sensation, Evan uniquely researches and views hours of content from the most successful people, such as Oprah Winfrey, and correographs together powerful video clips to inspire as Mallory mentions!

For more information on Mallory’s concierge nursing services please visit:  www.solosnurse.com or on Instagram at @solosnurse