Episode 106 | The Art of Hosting with Jen and Sarrah of Imoni Events

Episode 106: Imoni Events

Whether you are a business, a brand, a bride, or a host…if you believe experiences are in the details and simply find joy in hosting others, owners and boss babes of Imoni Events, Jenni Thye and Sarrah Gaboury, are giving us insight on how to be the “hostess with the mostess.”

Thye explains that this “Millennial generation” has pivoted their focus to their guests and community versus themselves only. She explains that there is this new phenomenon of creating an incredible experience for their community partially influential based upon the knowledge that is available to brides and hostesses these days.

So how can you step up your hostess game?

Here are some simple party planning tips from Imoni:

  1. Pick one “through-line”, suggests Thye. For example, a “through line” can be a color such as pink, and utilize that color throughout. Or if you know you want Mexican Food, create ideas around that “through line.”
  2. Spend on what people will remember such as your band and entertainment, says Gaboury. People want good food, and want good drinks so maybe spend less on decor, she suggests. 
  3. Also these babes are not really fans of the DIY decor, as based upon their experiences. “Knick’s the homemade chandelier” says Thye. Unless you are a serious crafter, DIY doesn’t usually save you money.
  4. Lots of good variety and smaller portions (think heavier h’orderve size). Also be thoughtful of those who may be vegan, gluten-free. etc.
  5. If you do not have a budget to accommodate a planner, make sure you “research you vendor teams”, says Gaboury. Thye also adds to make sure you are savvy enough to be able identify “real work” versus just styled work.
  6. Hire someone to help you clean your party as it’s happening so that you aren’t feeling the need to do it yourself and then you can “CHILL” as suggested by Thye.

What are some of today’s trendy “Must Haves”:

  1. Eating outside and having an elegant dinner party and moving the party inside after.
  2. Alongside being outside, tenting a custom space is also a beautiful way to take advantage of the desire to enjoy the outdoors.

Some of Imoni’s favorite places to shop for decor:

  1. The Confetti Studio
  2. GoodWill for vintage vibes
  3. Furniture outlets for loungewear

Lastly, the question we all are really wanting to know… how much booze do we need per person at an event?

Thye suggests, as a brunch example “a half of bottle of champagne” per person. She also suggests purchasing alcohol from a location where you can return it if not used, such as Total Wine. She jokingly adds that although she is a party planner, even for her, determining that number can be challenging, so it’s better to have “too much than not enough.”

Some of their favorite wedding and event planning blogs:

Style me Pretty, Carats and Cake, & Party Slate.

Imoni has been recently featured on Magnolia Rouge, Style Me Pretty, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Carats and Cake, and are full service wedding and event planning team specializing in destination clientele, hosting intimate affairs in beautiful locations.

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