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Episode 101 | Coolsculpting – the art of freezing your fat with Bodify – Welcome to Charm School

Episode 101 | Coolsculpting – the art of freezing your fat with Bodify

Episode 101: The Bodify Babes

coolsculpting, fat reduction, scottsdale coolsculpting
Jessica and Melissa, owners of Bodify

Have you heard of CoolSculpting? We sat down with two bad ass, sister, girl bosses Jessica and Melissa who own Bodify — the  #1 CoolSculpting only boutique in the nation, offered at their medspa in Phoenix, Arizona. They gave us all the details on this non invasive fat reduction procedure that has been around for over 10 years. 

coolsculpting, fat reduction, scottsdale coolsculpting
Receiving a treatment at Bodify

What is cool sculpting?  Other than the BEST fat freezing technology this ever!?…. It is non-invasive fat reduction. Millions of people eat right and are active yet because of genetics, aging, hormones or a slew of other factors they can’t change their body in the way they want. CoolSculpting is non-surgical and doesn’t require downtime, so our clients love that they can do the procedure and get on with life. The results are effective and lasting and truly change how people feel in their own skin. 

Tell us about how you got into the cool sculpting business? My sister, Melissa Mickelson, and I co-founded Bodify a CoolSculpting ONLY boutique in Phoenix, Arizona. For as long as we can remember, we wanted to own a business together. It started with lemonade stands when we were 5 and 7! We had no clue it would eventually be a Fat-Freezing empire and 1000s of happier and more confident clients. As a child I was once told, “JJ (my nickname) it’s a good thing you work hard because you are pretty stupid.” For some reason that comment left its mark and I knew without a doubt I’d play a big game, build a successful company, and prove that person wrong.

In October 2014, my sister and I tried to buy an existing medspa. The doctor politely declined but did mention, “girls there is enough fat to freeze for all of us to win. Go out there, start your own thing, and do well!” This was a remarkable thing for the doctor to say and it gave us the courage and excitement to do it! Three months later, after raising $400,000 from an investor, friends, and family, Bodify was born.

coolsculpting, fat reduction, scottsdale coolsculpting
One of the Coolsculpting rooms at Bodify

How is it to work with your sister everyday? Melissa may feel differently, but I adore it! We are a really great fit. Our skill sets are complementary and we thrive in different areas. This has created a tremendous respect between the two of us and allows us each to “own” certain aspects of the business while not meddling in the arenas that aren’t our passion or strong suites. Think of it as playing in your own sandbox. 

Who is the ideal candidate for cool sculpting vs who is NOT a candidate? CoolSculpting is the perfect non-invasive fat-reduction solution for those who are struggling with diet and exercise resistant fat. Perhaps you are doing everything right in terms of exercise and nutrition but because of aging, genetics, or a whole slew of other factors, you just aren’t able to achieve the body changes you want. Or perhaps over the last several years or decades you feel you haven’t done your best and have packed on some additional weight and you’re hopeful to get back on the bandwagon and regain your confidence and body shape. In this scenario CoolSculpting is also fabulous as those who do CoolSculpting in conjunction with diet and exercise changes can truly experience massive body changes. If you are 5-25 pounds from a healthy weight and you are looking to sculpt, contour, reshape, resize, or debulk one or more areas of your body, CoolSculpting could be the perfect solution! A little known fact: by the time you are 9-13 years old the number of fat cells you have is set. That’s right, you have the same number of fat cells you did decades ago. Well, then why do you now have fat when then you didn’t? The fat cells expanded. When we gain weight our fat cells expand; we don’t make new ones. And when we lose weight our fat cells shrink; we don’t get rid of them. So when we use CoolSculpting to freeze fat cells, they die and then over 2-4 months flush out of the body. We actually got rid of FAT CELLS and once that happens you will not remake them! However, you must do your part. You still have fat cells that can expand and give you the illusion that you “un did” your CoolSculpting results. This is why it is important to continue with whatever you are doing (or if you are just starting to eat healthy and exercise, continue ramping that up) so you can appreciate the results for a lifetime. 

coolsculpting, fat reduction treatment, phoenix coolsculpting
Receiving a treatment at Bodify

How long does it take to see the results? After doing over 20,000 CoolSculpting treatments, we know that most of our clients see changes starting around 2 months and finishing around month 4. That said, it is a bell curve and there are always those who respond fast and others, like Jessica, who respond much slower. The great news, in our experience VERY few people don’t respond to CoolSculpting. In the aesthetic world, if a technology doesn’t work or over promises and under delivers, it is spit up and chewed out. CoolSculpting has been around for 10 years and 8 million treatments have been done. It is super consistent and predictable, when done by the right provider.

How many times do you need to have the service done to see a result? Each time you do a treatment, you will see a 20-25% reduction of fat in the area(s) treated. If you want a more dramatic reduction, you would simply to two or three treatments in the area you are wanting to really transform. Most of our clients do CoolSculpting once or two times to get their desired outcome. 

Bodify, coolsculpting, fat reduction

What is the average fat reduction loss a patient can expect to see? 20-25% fat reduction with each CoolSculpting treatment!

How do you advocate lifestyle changes to sustain results? Setting proper expectations is the MOST important aspect of our business prior to moving forward with a treatment. We go to great lengths to show realistic results using our own client before and after photos and also reminding our clients that although the fat cells we kill will never come back, we don’t kill ALL the fat cells in the area(s) we treat, and fat cells are very opportunistic and will happily expand if you fail to maintain your lifestyle. The great news, so long as you continue what you are doing, you’ll appreciate results for a lifetime, and if you are using CoolSculpting as a jumpstart or a motivator, and you lose weight through your own efforts, results will be more dramatic than with CoolSculpting alone (we kill fat cells and your efforts shrink the other ones)!

Can you give us any insider info on the new technology “cooltone”? We are excited about this technology and are hopeful it will be as effective and consistent as CoolSculpting. We have built a wonderful business and our clients trust us. We are scoping this technology out for a few months before integrating it and offering it to our clients as we need to make certain it will deliver on its promises and add value to our clients.

Millions of people are looking for better definition in their butt, thighs, arms, abs and Cooltone using Magnetic Muscle Stimulation to achieve that. Of course those who will benefit most from their technology in regards to visible changes, are those who are lean! We’ve all heard people say, “I have a six pack it is just buried under fat!” Cooltone will give you muscle, however if you want to see definition, you will need to be lean in the area that you treat. In addition, unlike CoolSculpting, this technology is not done once or twice. It’s like going to a gym and lifting weights, you will build muscle, but if you stop going to the gym, those muscles will atrophy. Most people will do 4-6 sessions on a single area over the course of 4-6 weeks, then they will need to come in for maintenance, every 6-12 weeks.

coolsculpting, fat reduction, scottsdale coolsculpting

We could have talked with these two for hours. If you have more questions or want to get more deets on this fat-reducing procedure, schedule your consultation with the Bodify girls here.  Don’t live in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area? FInd a location nearest you here. 

Make sure to follow them @bodify and check out their website at