Episode 110 | Back to BAEsics – Secrets to Achieving a More Youthful Appearance


Secrets to achieving a more youthful appearance through The DiamondGlow Facial & Lip Filler

It is no secret that a key indicator of youthfulness is the appearance of a more plumped and hydrated face and skin. Our skin experts Jena Irby, licensed aesthetician and Annie Bruno-Thurston, cosmetic nurse injector and Allergan trainer, breakdown some of their favorite procedures to help you look as well-rested and youthful as possible.

One of Jena’s favorite treatments to perform to help achieve this youthfulness is a DiamondGlow Facial. DiamondGlow is a service that falls under the “hydradermabrasion” umbrella.

What is Hydradermabrasion? Hydradermabrasion is a form of skin exfoliation utilizing various forms of both mechanical exfoliation and/ or chemical exfoliation alongside condition specific treatment ingredients/serums that are infused into the skin while the skin is simultaneously being exfoliated. Most commonly known Hydradermabrasion treatments are DiamondGlow (owned by Allergan), and Hydrafacial. There are additional generic and no name brands within the aesthetic industry as well; such brands are usually referred to as “hydrodermabrasion” treatments, but also falling under the “hydradermabrasion” category.

What is the difference between Hydradermabrasion and Microdermabrasion? Unlike Hydradermabrasion, Microdermabrasion is not simultaneously penetrating serums into the skin as it exfoliates. Microdermabrasion utilizes either diamond tips or a controlled form of crystals that spray the skin to exfoliate. “While microdermabrasion can be a very effective anti-aging service, once you have experienced a hydradermabrasion service, you may never look back.” says Jena Irby.

What is a DiamondGlow Facial? Jena describes the DiamondGlow Facial as “an advanced exfoliation technique to exfoliate, extract, and infuse the skin with condition specific serums resulting in a more volumized, plumped, and luminous skin. This service is great for on-going corrective results, but also amazing for instantaneous results if you are attending an event and want your skin to look brighter, healthier and simply glowing.” 

For more information on receiving a DiamondGlow Treatment with Jena’s team at Skinfit Aesthetics, please visit the website HERE.

Another procedure we love over at Charm School is Lip Filler. Allergan trainer, Annie Bruno-Thurston believes when it comes to injectables, the best work is “invisible”. Annie always strives to enhance and preserve her patients natural beauty without over-augmenting the anatomy. Annie covers many FAQs about this super-popular procedure in the episode including: 

What is lip filler? Lip filler is a hyaluronic acid gel, which is a naturally-occurring chemical found in the body to help rejuvenate and naturally augment a patient’s lips. HA Fillers are the only products that should be injected in to the lips as they are completely reversible and the most natural-appearing.

How long do lip injections last? On average, lip filler lasts about 9 months to 1 year depending on product duration. Annie also notes that it is NOT something you have to keep up with for life should you choose that the procedure is not for you as it does not stretch the skin out.

Do lip injections hurt? Annie uses a topical numbing agent that provides extreme comfort during and after the procedure. Pain medication is not necessary post-procedure and patients report being comfortable during treatment.

What does the downtime look like? Most patients resume to work the following day with minimal to no bruising or swelling. Makeup can be applied the day after procedure to camouflage. Annie also recommends having the procedure done 2-4 weeks prior to a big event to allow full healing.

How much is lip filler? Lip Filler is usually between $400-700 depending on the product selected (based on duration). 

For more information or to schedule lip fillers and other non-invasive, injectable treatments with Annie and her team of injectors, please call Skin Charm at 480-687-8996 or visit our website at www.skincharm.com .